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Soap Case

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SS Corner Rack Classic

Tk 725 Tk 653
10% Off

Oval Soap Case E-Series

Tk 75 Tk 67
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Liquid Soap Dispenser 500 ml

Tk 690 Tk 621
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Brass Ball Valve 0.5" Accessories

Tk 198 Tk 178
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Brass Ball Valve 0.75" Accessories

Tk 277 Tk 249
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Auto Liquid Soap Dispenser Oval

Tk 1625 Tk 1463
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Double Oval Soap Case - E Series

Tk 190 Tk 171
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Square Soap Case Classic

Tk 150 Tk 135
10% Off

Square Soap Case Premo

Tk 150 Tk 135
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Square Soap Case

Tk 150 Tk 135
10% Off

Auto Liquid Soap Dispenser Square

Tk 1590 Tk 1431
10% Off

Oval Soap Case

Tk 150 Tk 135
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Soap Case 2 Part Pink TEL

Tk 20 Tk 18
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TEL Soap Case 3 Part Red

Tk 30 Tk 27
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Soap Case 3 Part Blue

Tk 30 Tk 27

Therapressure Brush

Tk 1650

Wall Brush Holder White

Tk 35

Elegant Corner Rack White

Tk 265

Premium Corner Rack White

Tk 550

Elegant Soap Case White

Tk 120

Deluxe Soap Dispenser

Tk 320

Hand Wash Jar 8022 864338

Tk 150

Soap Case Diamond 1.80 860790

Tk 100

Hand Wash Jar

Tk 175

Automatic Soap Dispenser

Tk 649

Soap Dispenser By Source Point

Tk 1200

Net Soap Case Pink

Tk 50

Hand Wash Jar IMP

Tk 125


Tk 100

Fancy Soap Case

Tk 160

Soap Case 1pc

Tk 25 Tk 20

Sensor Magic Soap Dispenser White and Sky Blue

Tk 530

Dream Otto Sensor Soap Pump

Tk 820

Soap case

We can know by its name what a soap case is. But we may never think about the usefulness of a soap case. Let us think for a moment that you don't own a soap case. Now, what will you use to carry your soap to the washroom? I guess you have no answer. Soap case is very much necessary to keep your soap clean and dry. If you do not use a soap case, then your soap case is going to be wet. Soap case can be a thing of beauty too. Stylish & standard colour soap case can increase the beauty of your bathroom. A beautiful soap case can be kept in any place. A soap case is also a part of fashion. It adds a more fashionable look to your bathroom.

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BD online shopping site Othoba.com is providing you with a huge collection of fashionable and exclusive soap case. Whether made of plastic or metal. It includes the ideal soap case only for you. Indeed, a high-quality soap case makes a statement. Would you like a soap case for you? Then why not order a soap case with a magnificent design from here? Our range also includes exclusive soap case, cute plastic soap case and special metal soap case. Visit the largest online shop in Bangladesh now to buy your favourite one.

Quality is the first concern when people want to buy or shop anything from online. Othoba.com always believes in selling the quality products to you. You can find various types of soap case in the local market, but most of them are not a good product. They can also sell a poor quality soap case at an excessive price, but we are offering you exclusively designed soap case at a reasonable price. So, if you are deciding to buy an exceptional and fashion soap case, then this is the right place for you. Pay a visit, click on your mouse and grab your desired soap case.

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There are good numbers of soap case available in the market. But, most of them are common. Othoba.com is offering you some unique designed soap case. You will find customized antique soap case, soft plastic soap case, metal soap case, exclusive soap case for the washroom, and special shopping mall soap case heavy use. We can also fulfil your colour choice. We always try to bring the best-furnished soap case to display it here. We ever do care about our customer's satisfaction. Visit our website, choose your product and place an order, you will find us at your door in no time.