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Insect Repellents

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Super Action Booster Mosquitoes Coil 10 Pcs Pack

Tk 30

Elephant King Plus Mosquito Coil 10 Pcs Pack

Tk 25

Elephant King Jumbo Violet Coil 10 Pcs Pack

Tk 50

Reusable Cockroach Trapper Trap Catcher Tool Repeller Killer Bait

Tk 410

Insects killer

Tk 230

Good Knight Xpress Coil

Tk 60

STI Moha Joom Mosquito Coil 33322

Tk 80

STI Joom Mosquito Coil 47551

Tk 50

RIDDEX Pest Repelling Aid White

Tk 399 Tk 350

ACI Aerosol Insect Spray 475ml

Tk 305

Good knight Advance Machine

Tk 149

ACI Cockroach Spry 475ml

Tk 340

ACI Cockroach Spry 250ml

Tk 220

ACI Aerosol Insect Spray 250 ml

Tk 185

ACI Aerosol Insect Spray 800ml

Tk 450

STI JOOM Mosquito Coil

Tk 125

Xpel Aerosol 475ml

Tk 305

Xpel Aerosol 250ml

Tk 185

Dabur Odomos Non-Sticky Mosquito Repellent Cream 100gm

Tk 299

Xpel Mosquito And Insect Repellent Bands for adult

Tk 160

Xpel Kids Mosquito Repellent Bands Twin Pack

Tk 160

Good Knight Octagaon Coil

Tk 32

Hit Cockroach Gel 20g Pump In

Tk 199

HIT Aerosol Mosquitoes Lime 400ml

Tk 275

HIT Aerosol Mosquitoes 400ml

Tk 275

ACI Hi Booster Jumbo Coil

Tk 55

ACI Black Fighter Jumbo Coil

Tk 60

ACI Aerosol Insect Spray 350 ml

Tk 245

ACI All Out Liquid Vaporizer Refill 45ml

Tk 100

ACI Black Fighter Coil 10S

Tk 38

Dabur Odomos Cream 100 gm

Tk 130

Good Night Fabric Roll On 8ml Citrus

Tk 99

Good Night Fabric Roll On 8ml Bubble Gum

Tk 99

Ultra Silent Electronic Smart Repellent

Tk 765

Baygon Cockroach Control 270ml

Tk 450

Baygon Cockroach Control 570ml

Tk 600

Diamond Fresh Naphthalene 50pcs Bd

Tk 90

Atrarat Rat Glue 135g Tube It

Tk 195

Insects are other names of miseries in our life. It happens so often that we get infected by insects like mosquito, tick, flea or fly and fall victim to many diseases or our favorite clothing get ruined by cockroaches. Some insects, mostly mosquitoes, can spread diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya & plague can do severe damage to our body and health. We all want our skin or clothing to be safe from insects or pests. And there can be no better alternative than insect repellents to do so.

For these reasons, we often use insect repellents to get rid of these annoying insects and pest animals. Insect repellents help you to keep your home environment insect free. Also, they can prevent the outbreak of the diseases which are carried out by insects or pests.

The typical insect repellents are mosquito coils, aerosols, insect sprays etc. These insect repellents are available in the market of different brands and different quality. But sometimes these are not as effective as you want them to be. To help you, online shopping Bangladesh site Othoba.com brings you the best and most efficient insect repellents of different brands at a single marketplace.

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Just keep browsing our website, select the category ‘Health Care', and you will find a specific section of ‘Insect Repellents' from where you can buy mosquito coils, aerosols, cockroach sprays, insect sprays etc. sitting at home. And you can be fully assured of the quality of these because we give you the best insect repellents of the famous and top brands of the country.

Shopping from Othoba.com is just a matter of a couple of clicks. You can see all the products, choose the ones according to your need, compare them and can buy your preferred one at a very reasonable price. Also, the payment system is flexible and accessible to the customers at here. So don't tolerate the provocation of the insects anymore. Buy the best quality insect repellents at here and say goodbye to the annoying insects now.